Types of Arbitration

Types of arbitration and the power to appeal

Broadly, there are three types of arbitration available within the United Arab Emirates to settle a dispute. They are as follows:

Binding Arbitration — Both parties appoint an independent arbitrator and they are bound by the final decision.

Non-Binding Arbitration — Each party reserves the right to litigate the case in court if they are dissatisfied with the outcome.

Mandatory Arbitration — A judge may appoint an arbitrator early in litigation if the amount in dispute is too small to justify protracted litigation.


In any form of arbitration, and before the arbitration dispute has been signed by all parties, a clause – approved by all parties – can be interjected to allow an appeal to be lodged. However, if the parties have not included the option of an appeal within the agreement, then an appeal cannot be made.

Innovative services with one goal – serving your business interests

Time has taught us one thing – that things change. Our expertise and services evolve with the times. From healthcare to education, our depth and breadth of knowledge and experience has taken us to the forefront of arbitration in the United Arab Emirates. Our specialisations include the below sectors, but are not limited to them. We have experience in all industries, and with all businesses.

Engineering and constructing a better case

We provide expert mediation, arbitration, project-neutral, and other services to the United Arab Emirates construction industry to resolve disputes in a timely and cost effective manner. These specialists also resolve even the most complex matters efficiently utilizing early intervention methods, where possible. By naming us as your project’s dispute resolver you have access to the most knowledgeable and efficient experts in the industry.

Employing the best possible methods

Sensitive employment matters and disputes can be difficult to conclude. Yet with our extensive experience and knowledge in local and regional employment matters, you’re in the safest hands. Everything from contractual agreements to late payments come under our remit, and the eventual dispute resolution is managed from start to finish to bring the best possible results in the quickest and most confidential way possible.

Effective solutions for energy disputes

More private companies, public regulatory agencies and landowners have discovered that arbitration brings distinct advantages over more traditional methods due to its privacy and effectiveness. It is a fiercely competitive industry, so we offer comprehensive resolution services in domestic and international energy disputes.

Keeping the entertainment industry entertaining

We offer a range of resolution styles and approaches for film or television contracts and rights, copyright, trademark and privacy and anti-piracy issues. New media and internet issues are also something we do have experience in, as well as interactive media, music and sports. Some media and entertainment-related disputes are thought too big and too important – in the interest of the public – to settle in an arbitral manner, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A business is still a business. Less money and less time means ultimately more advantages to you, whether it’s high profile or not. With a complete understanding of the industry customs and practice as well as legal, business and interpersonal issues, we can ensure a smooth dispute, without the need for litigation.

A security blanket for financial markets

Covering investment banks and securities firms, commercial banks, institutional investors, hedge funds and private equity firms, our arbitrators are uniquely qualified to resolve complex securities and financial markets disputes. They have years of dispute resolution experience and relevant industry expertise and receive on-going training in financial markets arbitration.

The real healthcare benefits

With an established credibility in healthcare law and in the healthcare industry, we are more than capable of achieving an effective resolution for all parties and managing the often sensitive and time-consuming disputes often associated with resolution.

Keeping property intellectual

As media and internet use grows, so do disputes in patent, copyright and trademark infringement, as well as theft. E-commerce is also a major contributor to today’s ever-changing arbitral landscape. It is both complex and technical, with a perception that only the best and most trained arbitrators can handle disputes. That’s where our arbitrators play an important role in not only resolving disputes, but setting precedents in an ever-evolving industry – much to your advantage.