A Graduation Ceremony for Occupational Diploma Associates in areas of commercial and Sharia-Compliant Arbitration

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The first and second batches of occupational diploma associates in areas of Sharia-compliant and commercial arbitration have graduated from the University of Sharjah and TAHKEEM. The first batch consisted of 25 graduates and the second of 18 students who were all  honored by a number of officials and interested parties.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Khawla AL Mulla, Chairwoman of the Sharjah Consultative Council, along with a number of specialists and interested parties

HE Abdulla Deaifis, Chairman of TAHKEEM Executive Committee, has underlined the importance of having qualified arbitrators  well versed with disputation and arbitration processes. He affirmed TAHKEEM’s constant attempts to develop a partnership with the University of Sharjah to consolidate such a specialized kind of diplomas with the objective of producing competent arbitrators aware of the measures needed for starting work, wooing disputants and settling business conflicts.

The Diploma Degree is based on grooming Emirati cadres in areas of commercial and international arbitration in a specialized professional manner in keeping with international and local developments taking place in areas of international commercial arbitration.